Homemade Beef Meatloaf

Succulent ground beef in a rich, meaty gravy
Served with seasonal vegetables & mashed potatoes.


Baked Cod Loin

Served with a creamy parsley sauce OR
Baked in a tomato, black olive & caper sauce.
Served with mashed potatoes & seasonal vegetables.


Hot & Spicy Venison Curry

Served with basmati rice & side of vegetable curry.


Liver & Bacon Casserole

Slow cooked and served in a rich, meaty onion gravy.
Served with mashed potatoes & seasonal vegetables.


Pork Meatballs in a roast red pepper & smoky Paprika sauce

Served with tagliatelle & Garlic Bread.


Fruity, Spiced Vegetable Tagine

Served with basmati rice and garlic bread


Butternut Squash & Spinach Slice *

Seasoned with cumin & wrapped in puff pastry.
Served with vegetable gravy, fresh, seasonal, vegetables
& mashed potatoes


Deep Fill Proper Pies:

Steak & Adnam’s Broadside Ale Pie

Steak & Peppercorn Sauce Pie

Chicken & Roasted Gammon Pie


Steak & Kidney Pudding

Lean meat pieces & thick gravy in soft suet crust pastry


Homemade Fish Pie

A mix of Salmon, Smoked fish & White fish in a
creamy leek sauce with a Pastry Crust


All of the above are served with fresh, seasonal, local vegetables & potatoes.

Our pies are baked fresh to order and take up to 45minutes, we are happy to take pre orders for them, when you book your table you can tell us what time you’d like to eat, or you can just relax in the bar and enjoy the wait, we assure you it will be worth it !

*Vegan options of these dishes are available

If you have any food allergies please ask a member of staff for our ‘allergen menu’ to help you choose an appropriate item.